About Us

MVP.AERO Inc. is a private “C” corporation incorporated in Delaware USA.

It is designing, developing and building the world’s Most Versatile Plane the MVP model 3. This aircraft will be certified and produced in the Light Sport Airplane (LSA) category but will also be available as a fast build kit (ELSA).

Design and Engineering resources are based in Duluth MN with Management & administration based in Minneapolis MN.  As a self-funded venture, MVP.AERO is exploring various full funding options.

Sales are being spearheaded in North America with sales also in South America and in Asia.  Additional relationships are being pursued globally.







Steve Pugh, CEO


Darrell Lynds, President


Mike Van Staagen EVP Design/Eng.


John Thomas, North American Dir. of Sales


Michael Lynds, VP Digital Marketing


MVP.aero was created to bring to market a new “feature-packed” class of aircraft that would earn the title of the world’s

Most Versatile Planes!

This new class of feature-packed all-season airplanes can operate comfortably from smooth to rougherstrips, from water, and even from snow and ice.  The MVP will be the ideal sport plane for people who love the outdoors and want to “get out there” and enjoy it.

MVP aircraft will also be designed to be as safe, as reliable, and as simple to fly and maintain as possible.  With an eye towards toughness in just the right places, the MVP will absorb the rougher treatment often experienced when taking on a Big Adventure.

While these attributes are exciting, the MVP’s most significant and game-changing quality is that it will do more than simply fly from one place to another. It will also support and play an active role in many great outdoor activities including camping, fishing, hunting, exploring, relaxing and more.

While a tremendous focus is on creating a great flying versatile sport plane that can do more than simply fly, it is just as important that the MVP be attractive, super-fun to pilot, have great visibility, and be extremely comfortable for the longest of trips.

It is our hope that by combining the amazing world of flight with a versatile backpack of adventure-supporting features, that MVP aircraft will change the way sport aviation is valued.

Brief History of the Company

MVP was founded in 2011 by father and son team Darrell and Michael Lynds, and best friend Steve Pugh, who together felt that pilots should expect more utility and versatility from an LSA aircraft than was currently available. Pooling ideas drawn from their own building and flying experiences, their aviation relationships and their individual backgrounds, a feasibility study got underway. The project took a big step forward when Mike Van Staagen (Cirrus and Sikorsky) took a look at the study and several initial concepts, concluding that while lofty, their goals for the airplane were possible to achieve. Mike was so excited by the potential that he joined the founding team and has taken the design on from there. Mike has said that the MVP will be his most exciting project yet and given that his last project for Cirrus was creating and leading the design for the Vision Jet, indicates the degree of excitement we all have about the MVP.

In the summer of 2013 the company produced and flew a 30% scaled model and successfully studied key behavioral traits of this exciting configuration.  In July of 2014, the company’s first full-scale engineering and marketing mock-up was unveiled at the MVP debut press conference at the EAA press center at Wittman Field Oshkosh. The MVP team was also walking attendees of EAA Airventure 2014 through the many special features of the airplane.

All of this activity has been funded by private investment. The founding team holds an 85% ownership of the company.

The Overarching Business Strategy

While the MVP airplane itself is exciting, the team has focused even harder on deriving a robust and appropriate business strategy that will deliver quality MVP aircraft to customers in a practical and efficient manner. The team’s unique combined experiences from both the experimental amateur built segment to the Certified Part 23 segment, have been combined to create a sound path forward.

While our primary focus is on the development of the SLSA ASTM certificated MVP, careful attention to detail will provide MVP’s in other airworthiness categories with little effect on the SLSA program’s total developmental timeline.

As a result, the MVP will first be offered as an Experimental Amateur Built Kit (E-AB), then as an Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA) and finally as a fully produced Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA). Roughly 3, 4 & 5 years respectively.  And finally, many of the necessary attributes required to certify the design to FAA Part 23 standards will be seamlessly folded into the baseline design in anticipation that this market segment will soon become viable.

By following this path, many important synergies can be leveraged that not only creates essential early cash flow and provides valuable real-life product improving feedback, but also this approach offers several different ways customers can acquire, experience, and outfit their MVP.

Growing an MVP Community

The founders met while flying light land and sea aircraft all over North America.  Through trips taken together, many new friendships as a result, memorable fire-side gatherings inspired the realization that this more versatile airplane could actually foster more opportunities to create and enjoy this wonderful comradery!

Another contributing observation was that this community of like-minded people who were sharing in these exciting flights together, not only flew more but also were obviously more satisfied and happy with their investment into the hobby of sport aviation.

The MVP team is going to kick-start and promote this social phenomenon to enable MVP owners to “get out there” more often. The company plans to take an active role globally promoting many activities, functions, and group expeditions. The MVP team completely expects that these enjoyable shared experiences will become one of the more compelling reasons to own an MVP.

The company also recognizes that affording, owning and operating a modern airplane has become increasingly prohibitive. While the airplane itself is designed to reduce as many ongoing costs as is possible, (i.e. easy trailering and storage), the most exciting prospect looking forward is realized by providing a fully integrated shared ownership model that works. The MVP team feels that the increased value proposition and characteristics of the airplane have finally made this idea sustainable.