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$5,000 refundable and escrowed
($500 processing fee)


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Option 2

$100,000 commitment


Call Extension 3 for special pricing and availability.


MVP.Aero is now recruiting 22 individuals with special skills to be our very first MVP customers, called the Lead Team Pathfinders. They are early adopters of the MVP aircraft and will receive the very first MVP deliveries. The Pathfinders will develop a close relationship with the company and will be briefed on our engineering and business goals/accomplishments. Pathfinders will share their knowledge and advice with MVP.Aero as we develop build and fly our MVP’s together.

Special purchase benefits are offered.

If you possess…

Required “Lead Team” Skillset

• Strong piloting skills including water flying experience

• Team building and leadership skills

• Business management and/or general engineering skills

• Product “spokesmanship” skills

• “Accredited Investor” status

Then please contact us regarding the “Pathfinder Program”

800-273-8909 Ext 3